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The Principle Of “all-aluminum furniture” Under The Strong Environmental Protection Storm

By:ANDON Date:Jun 03, 2019 Clicks:1219

The Principle Of “all-aluminum furniture” Under The Strong Environmental Protection Storm

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Abstract: With the popularization of environmental awareness and the advancement of industrial technology, many industries have gradually shifted to “green”, and “aluminum wood” furniture will be the focus of the future transformation of the furniture industry.

With the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the implementation of the concept of green environmental protection, the rational return of the real estate market, the green aluminum furniture is strong! All-aluminum furniture utilizes the ever-improving Internet technology to subvert the many deficiencies in the traditional home improvement industry, such as opaque information, poor materials, and insecure quality. It has created an environmentally friendly, high-quality and fast decoration method, leading the development of the entire home improvement industry. At present, more than 200 aluminum profile processing enterprises across the country have realized industrial transformation and upgrading, and entered the production service field of all-aluminum furniture.

Green development has become the only way for the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry and sustainable development. 

With the popularization of people's environmental awareness and the advancement of industrial technology, many industries have gradually shifted to “green”, and “aluminum wood” furniture will be the focus of the future transformation of the furniture industry. At present, the plate and MDF furniture with beautiful appearance and bright color in the market occupy a large share in the furniture market. They belong to mass consumer products. Are these furniture really green? Perhaps we should focus more on aluminum alloy products, which are zero-formaldehyde products obtained from a series of processing of mineral resources, especially its light weight and recycling performance, which will not cause resources for the social environment. Waste and damage to the ecological environment, but also bring huge social and environmental benefits to many industries. This is an inevitable trend for the country to promote green development and people prefer healthy living. 

Excellent performance such as waterproof, moisture proof, insect proof, flame retardant, etc. 

Aluminum alloy furniture has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-mite and flame retardant, and is very suitable for kitchen and bathroom furniture, cellar wine cabinets and medical furniture. Especially in the relatively humid southern region of China, its superior performance is more obvious. While traditional MDF furniture and solid wood furniture are in contact with water for a long time or in a relatively humid environment, it is difficult to avoid the bubble on the furniture surface, and eventually the corrosion deformation is also the inevitable result! In traditional furniture, people generally like to put some "camphor pills" to prevent clothing and furniture itself from being wormed. Short-circuiting cigarettes or wires can burn or ignite wood furniture, and the consequences can be imagined. There is an important basis for all-aluminum furniture to enter the family and be accepted by the people. 

De-capacity, destocking, and driving the aluminum industry economy 

In fact, China's aluminum production industry is generally overcapacity, all-aluminum furniture is a powerful grasp of the overcapacity of electrolytic aluminum, and also a new economic growth point of the aluminum industry. The real estate industry used to be the main consumer market for aluminum profiles. With the rational regulation of real estate policies, the real estate market has gradually become more rational, and the demand for architectural aluminum profiles has gradually slowed down. As an emerging product of industrial transformation and upgrading, all-aluminum furniture has become a new round of market vitality.

The all-aluminum furniture is personalized, intelligent, and the whole house custom mode horn has been blown 

All-aluminum furniture is customized to realize design, production, sales and networking, and share big data. All aluminum furniture orders, design, and production process are all controlled by software, e-commerce platform network sales, offline services, the entire process to achieve digital management. This is not only the direction of the development of aluminum home, but also the industrial upgrading of furniture products, and also the great innovation of all-aluminum furniture quality, capacity and service. The personalized, custom-built aluminum furniture that follows is fully utilised by artificial intelligence. 

All-aluminum homes not only provide fast installation services, but also eye-catching styles. Chinese, classical, modern, rural, European, whether you like quaintness, simplicity, luxury or small freshness You can choose the one that suits your individual and match your unique personality. 

All-aluminum furniture will gradually be graded in the market with great potential 

Affected by people's traditional thinking and consumption levels, all-aluminum furniture, solid wood furniture, and MDF furniture will be “three pillars” and market segments. With the vigorous promotion of environmental protection policies, the gradual transformation of environmental protection concepts, the lack of forest resources, industrial transformation and upgrading, the metal aluminum of green and natural mineral resources will be used more and more widely.