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Acid Recycling Unit

Acid Recycling Unit

This acid recycling unit is to recycle waste acid in the first rinsing tank after bright dip bath, later after the recycled acid can be reused in the bright dip bath, this process can reduce the cost of aluminium chemical brightening.

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The bright dip process is one of the main process in aluminium anodizing pretreatment, which gives a glossy finish on the surface of aluminium. There are two types of technological processes from bright dip.

Traditional 3-acids technique: phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid.(yellow smoke and high polluting)

ANDON 2-acids technique: phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and AD-B06 additive (environment friendly)

web bright dip dragged out acid percentage

bright dip dragged out acid percentageDuring the bright dip process, 2 to 3 times rinsing are followed after bright dip, the rinsing water is discharged to the waste water treatment plant directly. However due to high viscosity, large amounts of the bright dip chemical is dragged out from bright dip tank to the rinsing tank and wasted. According to analysis, only 15%~20% of the the bright dip chemical react with the aluminium, and the rest 80%~85% is dragged out to the rinsing tank. These dragged out chemical is of great commercial value, if not being recycled, the waste acids will increase the cost of waste water treatment and brings great pressure to environment protection, let alone the general production cost is much more higher than other surface effect.

Under such circumstances, we cooperated with scientific research orgnizations and sucessfully developped the AD-LTERS recycling system, which can remove the al ion, separate the water and chemicals with low cost, reuse the chemicals in the bright dip process.


1. AL Ion Removal

By adopting nano menbrance filtering technology, with unique desigan, only pure acid and water can go through the membrance, moving from one side to another, while metal ions and impurities can not go through the membrance, in this way the separation of acid and aluminium ions&impurities can be achieved.

 2. Evaporation&Concentration

The evaporation and concentration of this machine adopts the theory of pressure separation, surface tension, the difference of liquid flow rate, different specific gravity, and aimming to remove the water in the solution and improve the concentration of the liquid for reuse purpose.

The waste acid is heated up to 70-95 degree, before being sprayed into separating system and become mist flow with the strength of sparying pump. With unique design of the blowers, the water in the mixed solution evaporate and then separate with the other chemicals. Then water is condensed with condenser so that chemicalls can achieve higher concentration. The whole process is automatically runinng continually with PLC control.

3. Energy Reuse

Energy recycling: with the principle of heat pump, reuse the heat generated by the system.







process flow 1precess flow 2