chemicals for anodizing and powder coating

Chemicals for aluminium anodic oxidation and powder coating, ranges from pre-treatment like degreasing, etching to post-treatment like coloring, sealing.

Anodic Oxidation

Aluminum is anodized for the purpose of corrosion resistance, improved appearance, hardness & wear resistance, and for a number of specialized reasons like better glue-ability (adhesive bonding) for structural use, improved paint adhesion, and enhanced capacitance in electronic applications.

With unique formulas, our chemicals is easy-control, less consumption, longer life time, ensure consistent quality from the anodizing process.

We provide experienced engineer for chemicals use guidance and workers training, solve problem in the real production with their rich experience in the anodizing plant, to help you to establish good system of good quality and high efficiency production.

To abtain matt finish or sandblasting finish with the acid etch chemicals, easy control, good finish.

Alkaline etching, reduce the slag and prolong the lifetime of the etching tank.

Fast anodizing additive, higher anodize speed.

Seal the anodize pore to get better weather resistance. Products of cold seal, warm seal or hot seal, sepecial sealant as alkaline resistance sealing.

Anodic Oxidation

Pretreatment of Aluminium Prior to Coating

Perfect adhesion and long-durable corrosion performance. 

Conventionally chromated or passivated by environmentally friendly chromium-free processes: our products for the pretreatment of aluminium prior to the coating process provide a longlasting paint adhesion. Either for wet paint or powder paint processes: rely on the great variety of our productrange and on our long-year experience and give your customer a longterm promise.

Iron and Steel

Chemicals for iron and steel pretreatment prior to coating, like phosphating, pottery process.

Phosphating is a common metal pretreatment technology. In principle, it belongs to chemical conversion film processing, which is a process of chemical and electrochemical reactions to form phosphate conversion film. Its main purpose is to protect the base metal from corrosion,Used as primer before painting to improve adhesion and corrosion resistance of paint film,reduce friction and lubrication in cold metal processing.

We provide various chemicals for phosphating process, like cleaning, derusting, phosphating and passivation.

Iron and Steel


chemicals for aluminum anodizing, powder coating and steel passivation


Pre- and Posttreatmet Hot Dip Galvanizing

Longlife corrosion protection all over

The process of hot dip galvanizing provides a complete and long-year lasting corrosion protection. To get this corrosion protection perfectly you need an appropriate pretreatment: our alkaline and acid cleaners are well-suitable for this as well as special no rinse systems.

Individual processes require individual solutions: we do offer them!