Electrolytic Coloring

chemicals for aluminum anodizing, powder coating and steel passivation

AD-C01 Electrolytic Coloring Additive in Tin Base in Sn-Salt bath

AD-C01 Electrolytic Coloring Additive in Tin Base in Sn-Salt bath

Electrolytic Coloring

Liquid stabilizer for tin sulfate electrocoloring solutions. Electrolytic Coloring Additive in Sn-Salt bath is reddish brown in color, gives aluminium surface a black color. AD-C01 electrolytic coloring agent contains coloring additive, and also anti oxidant, regulation agent that can stabilize tank bath.

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  • Decreases consumption of tin sulfate in the coloring tank.

  • Contains a unique dispersant.

  • Prevents precipitation in the coloring tank.

  • Produces uniform colors.

  • Contains anti-oxidant agent.

  • Non-toxic and safe.

  • Environmentally friendly.

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  • Acidic resistance.

  • Heating by plate heat exchanger.

  • Deionized water.

  • Continuous circulation with filter.

  • 25 kg plastic drum.

  • Store in a cool and dry place.

  • Product shelf life is one year if stored properly.