Electrolytic Coloring

chemicals for aluminum anodizing, powder coating and steel passivation

AD-C05 Electrolytic Golden Coloring Additive

AD-C05 Electrolytic Golden Coloring Additive

Electrolytic Coloring

AD-C05 Golden Electrolytic Coloring Additive is for aluminum profile to achieve gold color finishing effect after anodizing. Only require our AD-C05 gold electrolytic coloring agent and sulfuric acid (reagent). Easy to operate, highly stable bath solution, long life span of tank solution and produce no precipitation.

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1, Good result can be obtained without surface activation. Effective sealing and lacquering process.

2, Good dispersion ability to produce bright and even color film.

3, Highly stable bath solution, long life span and produce no precipitation.

4, Easier control process, even color effect. Corrosion and weather resistance property is more superior than ordinary champagne color.

Anodic oxidation>Rinsing*2>Rinsing with DI water>Electrolytic coloring>Rinsing*2>Cold Sealing

AD-C05: 35~45g/l

Free acid: 18~28g/l

Temp: 25~35°C

Voltage: 10-18V

Time: 1~8mins

25kg plastic bag packing; Protected from heating, avoid alkali, keep sealed in a dry, cool place and prevent leakage. Shelf life is 1 year under room temperature.